Google Maps has become an enormous tumescent mess of options no one desires

Did you hear? Google Maps encompasses a new feature for its humanoid app that permits you to follow places like businesses or restaurants and find news and updates from them such as you would on Instagram or Twitter.

That's fine if you are into the new feature, however, will anyone else however American state desire Google Maps has become another case of a well-liked app obtaining puffy up with options you do not want? simply offer American state my maps, navigation, and calculable point in time, many thanks terribly much! Look, I like Google Maps the maximum amount as anybody.

however, I am commencing to rethink if what is apparently the world's best mapping service is losing sight of what makes it therefore helpful. Yeah, the majority use Google Maps to seem up directions to put and realize close restaurants or bars, however, I can not facilitate however feel Google's cramming too several options into the app. I mean, simply consider the list of dubiously "useful" options that are accessorial to Maps this year alone:

  • Send your ETAs to friends and family on iOS 
  • management your music whereas navigating 
  • arrange cluster dinners 
  • "Matching" you with restaurants 
  • Share your battery level with friends 

I'm certain their square measure a lot of that I uncomprehensible, however, if you reminisce to last year and also the year before, you will see an equivalent pattern.

Sure, a number of the new options square measure genuinely helpful, like reminding you wherever you pose your automobile or serving to you discover charging stations for your electrical vehicle, or period of time transit schedules, however, the bulk looks to be a bunch of junk I simply don't need in my map app.

The bloat creep is enough to form American state contemplate the shift to Apple Maps, albeit the mapping is obscurity close to as subtle or correct as Google's.

Apple's created a great deal of progress over the last few years, adding helpful options like indoor mapping for places like airports and malls, and also the company's even engaged on an even bigger design to enhance accuracy, however, it's still got a ways that to travel before it reaches parity with Google Maps.

Correct American state if I am wrong and you are doing use all of Google Maps' new options or realize them sensible, however, I open up the app and am irritated on the daily concerning what specifically I am alleged to be doing in it. It's the same feeling as once Snapchat accessorial approach too several options — options for the sake of adding them to contend with different social networks — as a result of it lost its focus. Same happened to Facebook and ditto with Instagram.

Apps and repair growth is nice, however, at a precise purpose the developers engaged on them ought to step back and raise "Is this really one thing smart to incorporate within the app?"